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Dr Danae Azaria gives international law lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile

Dr Danae Azaria, Associate Professor at UCL Laws, and Senior Fellow at the ‘KFG – The International Rule of Law’, has been invited to give a lecture on international law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of Universidad de Chile.

Her lecture is based on Dr Azaria’s latest research at the KFG-The International Rule of Law entitled ‘Codification by Interpretation: The International Law Commission as an Interpreter of International Law’.

read the whole text here

KFG Working Paper Series: Working Paper No. 30

Working Paper No. 30, “The Double-facing Foreign Relations Function of the Executive and Its Self-enforcing Obligation to Comply with International Law“ by Campbell McLachlan has been published.

read the whole text here

Public Event: Thomas Franck Lecture by Prof. em. Dr. Alain Pellet

On 13 May 2019, the Research Group hosted a Thomas Franck Lecture by Professor em. Alain Pellet on “Values and Power Relations – The “Disillusionment” of International Law”.

read the whole text here
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Lunch Talks

23rd May 2019

Prof. Dr. Wayne Sandholtz
University of Southern California
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“Human Rights Courts and Global Constitutionalism: Coordination through Judicial Dialogue”

16th May 2019

Dr. Rayner Thwaites
University of Sydney
“‘What the law can do’ – Nottebohm, the genuine link, and the limits of international law”

9th May 2019

Omer Aloni
Tel Aviv University
“Governing Environmental Change: the League of Nations and the Environmental Regime in Times of Global Challenges”

2nd May 2019

Prof. Hyeran Jo
Texas A&M University
“Rise and Decline of International Rule-of-Law: Case of Non-State Armed Actors”

11th April 2019

Dr. Rishi Gulati
London School of Economics and Political Science
“The Immunities of International Organisations and the Judgment in Jam v. International Finance Corporation: The End of Impunity?”

4th April 2019

Prof. Dr. Heike Krieger
Freie Universität Berlin
KFG “International Rule of Law”

Jonas Püschmann
Freie Universität Berlin

“Securing of resources as a legitimate reason for using force?”

28th March 2019

Janina Barkholdt
Humboldt University Berlin
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“The International Rule of Law in a Multipolar World – What Role for Regional Organizations?”

21st March 2019

Dr. Felix Lange
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“Foreign policy roles of the judiciary – The South African Constitutional Court and the SADC Tribunal Case”

14th March

Dr. James Devaney
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“International Investment Arbitration, Party Autonomy and the Quality of the Rule of Law”

7th March 2019

Dr. Michael Fuchs
Head of the Secretariat of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag
“Parliament and Foreign Policy - Recent Trends”

28th February 2019

Prof. Dr. Keun-Gwan Lee
Seoul National University
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“The Rise of China and its Implications for the International Legal Order”

14th February 2019

Dr. Velimir Zivkovic
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“Rule of Law Synergies: Investment Arbitration and Human Rights Protection through the Prism of Al-Warraq v. Indonesia”

31st January 2019

Osvaldo Urrutia Silva
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
“Tackling unregulated fishing on the high seas: a contribution to the rise of international law”

24th January 2019

Prof. Dr. Liliana Obregón
University of los Andes, Bogotá
KFG “International Rule of Law”
“Peripheral histories of international law”

10th January 2019

Dr. Jens-Christian Gaedtke
German Federal Foreign Office
“Protection of the Rule of Law in the European Union”

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